Bazaar @ QT Resort Port Douglas

A Port Douglas restaurant Inspired by international street stalls, souks and bodegas, Bazaar recreates the traditional marketplace with a twenty-first century twist.

At Bazaar, your plate is your passport and there are no rules on which destinations to explore.

Imagine a mosaic of foods as diverse as the cultures they came from. Cured meats hang from high ceilings adjacent to strings of garlic and chilli, while fresh king prawns and sand crabs sit chilled and an array of exotic dishes, wood-fired pizzas and mouth watering rotisserie cooked meats tempt the taste buds.

Regardless of where you start or finish, Bazaar provides a vast array of delicacies, with each and every dish accompanied by a passionate chef eager to explain the intricacies of their restaurants creations.







(07) 4099 8900



87-109 Port Douglas Rd, Port Douglas