Pathway of Pythons at the Wildlife Habitat!

By July 4, 2019attractions


Australia’s leading wildlife experience, Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas, invites you to take walk on the slithery side in their sssuper ssstunning new snake precinct the Pathway of Pythons.

Python passion is all the hiss at the Wildlife Habitat as it opens the region’s most realistic snake displays. Revealing a real-life snapshot into the habitats of some incredible snakes such as Jungle, Olive, Amethystine, Water and Black Headed Pythons.

Each exhibit in the Pathway of Pythons is specially designed to mimic the natural landscape in which each species can be found in the wild. From sculpted rock, through to amazing hand painted backdrops giving the snakes plenty of room to explore, climb and totally stretch out. While experiencing all the sensory pleasures they’re keenly attuned to. UVA lighting and thermostat-controlled climates maintain the natural health benefits of their habitats.

Snakes get a bad rap says General Manager Andrew Hearn, this is an incredible learning opportunity to shed the stigma associated with snakes.

“Taking a stroll down the Pathway of Pythons could re-evaluate your own fears and even if you don’t love snakes, you might start to appreciate and respect their reasons for being.  Just like all living creatures, they have a purpose and we hope with our new snake precinct more people can celebrate snakes and their role in our world.” Said Mr. Hearn.

Life is short and the snakes are long, walking the Pathway of Pythons brings a new appreciation to these fascinating creatures. Boasting beautiful colours and patterns, giving an affectionate flick of the tongue their hypnotic movements bring a strange feeling of peace.

Park visitors on Monday were the firsts to experience the Pathway of Pythons.

“The snakes are so big and amazing!” said ten-year-old Kiera Jalandoni from Massachusetts USA.

“The Olive Python is my favourite, seeing him move and climb is so cool, I love his colours.”

The Pathway of Pythons comes as part of the Wildlife Habitat’s 30th Anniversary enhancement projects of fancy new attractions and even more wildlife interactions.