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Daintree Directory

Daintree Directory

whats on in port Daintree Directory

The Daintree region offers history, views, amazing food, experiences and create memories. Spend a day, a week or a lifetime exploring the worlds oldest rainforest.


Hook A Barra

Queensland’s premier land-based fishing experience with thousands of Barramundi in tropical saltwater from the pristine Daintree River waiting for you to try your luck…

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solar whisper

Solar Whisper Daintree Crocodile & Wildlife Tours

Solar Whisper is the only zero emission boat on the Daintree River. Quietly glide up to crocodiles & other wildlife without scaring them or hurting their habitat. Cruise price starts at $20....BOOK NOW... Ph 07 40987131 EMAIL info@solarwhisper.com

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whatsoninport crocodile express

Crocodile Express

Crocodile Express operates 2 different cruises on Daintree River from Daintree Village & Daintree Gateway near the ferry. See crocs in the wild and more

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whats on in port daintree river cruise centre

Daintree River Cruise Centre

The ultimate wildlife spotting experience on the Daintree River! Operating since 1987, we are proud to be family owned and Advanced Eco Accredited. Come in and meet our local guides to find out all the secrets the worlds oldest rainforest has to offer.

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whats on in port daintree village hotel

Daintree Village Hotel

Daintree Village Hotel is located in the heart of the Village, perched over the river jetty, where crocodile tours depart regularly. The DVH serves meals throughout the day, kicking off with fabulous espresso coffee, and big brekkies for those setting off on adventures into the green…

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whats on in port croc xpresso cafe

Croc Xpresso Cafe

A great selection of sandwiches, pies, fish and chips. Open from 8.00am daily for the best coffee north of Port.

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Daintree ecolodge

Daintree Ecolodge

Nestled amongst the emerald vines of the Daintree Rainforest, the Daintree Ecolodge showcases 15 eco-friendly bayans (treehouses) immersed in the breathtaking rainforest canopy. The Julaymba Restaurant serves only the freshest homegrown and locally sourced, seasonal and sustainable produce nature has to offer. This enchanting rainforest dining experience is open to the public as well as staying guests.

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daintree discovery centre

Daintree Discovery Centre

The Daintree Discovery Centre is an award-winning ecotourism attraction in the heart of the Daintree that provides unrivalled views of the unique beauty of the Daintree’s ancient flora and fauna, from the rainforest floor up into the soaring heights of the treetops. Walk the 11 metre-high aerial walkway, climb to the top of the 23-metre high Canopy Tower, descend to the rainforest floor and take in the Jurassic Forest, Bush Tucker Trail, Cassowary Circuit and more. Enjoy interactive displays as well live jungle bugs, rainforest aquariums and reptile enclosures.

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whatsoninport floravilla ice cream

Floravilla Ice Cream

Lovingly created icecreams that capture the essence of the local ingredients to produce a unique range of flavours. Our processes blend traditional icecream making techniques with an exotic mix of tropical fruit, and flavours to produce an amazing icecream experience.

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whats on in port daintree ice cream

Daintree Ice Cream

Delight your senses with our unique flavour combinations, derived from our organically grown fruit. We hero the fruit as the centrepiece of each recipe and welcome our visitors to the weird and wonderful world of exotic tropical fruits. We invite you to open your mind and your mouth to our fresh and unique fruit flavours.

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whats on in port heritage lodge

Heritage Lodge 'on the Turps' Restaurant

It’s open air restaurant ‘On the Turps’ uses the rainforest as the stunning decor where candlelit dinners from an eclectic menu are devoured on decking overlooking the eerily blue Cooper Creek.

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whats on in port thorntons cafe

Thornton's Cafe

Idyllic beach front cafe serving coffee and freshly cooked delights with views for days!

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whats on in port cape trib wildlife cruises

Cape Trib Wildlife Cruises

Join the ONLY TOUR BOAT permitted in the Cape Tribulation Section of Daintree National Park on a mangrove discovery tour in search of the ESTUARINE CROCODILE.

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whats on in port masons cafe

Mason's Cafe, Tours & Swimming Hole

Masons Cafe offers lunches near a beautiful crocodile/ stinger free swimming hole. Local products, including tea, coffee, fruit, smallgoods and fish, and exotic meats; kangaroo, crocodile emu, boar, buffalo and camel burgers available and mixed tasting plates.

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whats on in port cape trib horse rides

Cape Trib Horse Rides

Experience the unrivaled beauty of Cape Tribulation like a true explorer with a guided horse riding tour!

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whatsoninport whet restaurant

Whet Restaurant

Located right in the heart of Cape Tribulation, and aptly named to “whet your appetite”, the delicious range of cuisine on offer at Whet Restaurant is sure to make your visit to the Daintree memorable.

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whatsoninport cassowary restaurant

Ferntree Lodge & Cassowary Restaurant

The Cassowary Restaurant is open for dinner each night with a wide range of delectable dishes to cater for your every need including vegetarian and gluten free options.

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whatsoninport ocean safari

Ocean Safari

Join us for an exhilarating ride to snorkel the pristine untouched Great Barrier Reef off the Daintree Coast at Cape Tribulation....be snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef in 25 minutes!

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whatsoninport turtle rock cafe

Turtle Rock Cafe

The Turtle Rock Café at Cape Tribulation offers fresh wholesome meals and great coffee with a casual friendly atmosphere, so drop in and enjoy!

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whatsoninport pks jungle

PK's Jungle Village

PK's Jungle Bar and Bistro is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have happy hour on drinks from 4pm to 7pm weekdays and 12pm - 7pm on weekends.

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cape trib beach house

Cape Trib Beach House

Cape Trib Beach House offers rainforest and beachfront accommodation in the heart of the Daintree with an invitation to relax and unwind.

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