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Tropical Solar Cleaning & Testing

Believe it or not . . . . . Solar panels & systems require maintenance. Regularly.

Just imagine leaving your car outside in the weather for months, then going to drive it. Even though the rains have washed off most of the dust & grime there is still residual dust, mould and pollen. Together, these small things can severely affect your systems output and performance.

Tropical Solar Cleaning & Testing is your local solar maintenance company. Fully licensed and with a background in commercial electrical, servicing remote locations in the mining industry, their focus is on compliance, safety and hazard inspection.

Cleaning and maintaining your solar system with Tropical Solar Cleaning & Testing will improve your system output and generate better results, thereby reducing your electricity bills. Put more back into the grid with a properly maintained and fully functioning solar system.

Cleaning your solar panels is essential to maintaining the integrity and output of your system. Even the tropical rains are not enough to clean your panels as there are often weeks of dry, pollen filled days that allow dust & grime to build up which can lead to irreversible destruction of the Solar Cell structure.

Over Heating can Cause Irreversible Damage and is a potential fire risk.

How? Soiling/shading leads to overheating of solar cells and panels. Soiling is just a type of shading on solar systems (one that doesn’t go away unless you clean it!), and shading of solar systems generates hot spots.

How do hot spots form? Basically, solar cells, panels, and systems are all designed to work together. Whenever one cell or panel is experiencing different levels of sun (as in voltage/amperage) than the rest, it puts stress on the rest of the system. That’s because the soiled cell – which was designed to act as a conductor – basically acts as a resistor in the electrical design. That stress causes system components to severely degrade and eventually break down.

It’s not just cleaning, Tropical Solar Cleaning & Testing inspect your panels, look for corrosion, loose wiring or loose brackets, then once completed, we’ll check your systems output to confirm its working accordingly and more efficiently.

If you’re looking to purchase a new home with an existing solar system, let us give it a ‘solar health check’ so you can be confident you’ll get the best out of your purchase. We’ll give you a detailed report outlining any maintenance required plus and output reading of before and after the cleaning.

Make it part of your bushfire season / wet season maintenance routine, and have your solar system thoroughly checked by Tropical Solar Cleaning & Testing.

Introductory offer of $165 for the first 12 panels, and $11 per panel thereafter.

(based on a single story dwelling)




0403 825 666


Currently servicing the Daintree and Douglas Shire Regions.