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Mowbray National Park (Bump Track)

There are two long-distance walks in the parks—the Bump Track in Mowbray National Park; and Twin Bridges track that passes through both Mowbray and Kuranda national parks.

Bump Track (Grade: moderate)

Distance: 12km return

Time: Allow about 8hrs walking time

Details: The Bump Track, a feeder track for the Bicentennial National Trail, is a multi-use track open to horses (permits required) and mountain bikes as well as walkers. It traverses Mowbray National Park between the coastal lowlands and Black Mountain Road. Passing through rainforest and eucalypt forest with some steep sections, the track offers views of Big Mowbray Falls and the Mowbray River mouth. Motor vehicles and trail bikes are not allowed on the Bump Track.

Twin Bridges track (Grade: easy)

Distance: 18km one way

Time: Allow about 5hrs walking time

Details: Twin Bridges track follows the route of the original Black Mountain Road, to the east of the current road. It diverges from Black Mountain Road 27km from the Kennedy Highway and rejoins it 2km from the top of the Bump Track. Closed by gates at both ends, it is a wide, open multi-use track for walkers and mountain bikers. Motor vehicles, trail bikes and horses are not allowed on Twin Bridges track.

Horse riding

The Bump Track, as a feeder track for the 5330km Bicentennial National Trail, is suitable for horse riders, mountain bikers and walkers. As the Bump Track is within Mowbray National Park, horse riders will need to obtain a letter of authorisation from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) Regional Director, valid for a 12 month period. Permits are required for commercial or organised group activities. For more information about horse riding on the Bump Track and Bicentennial National Trail see permits and fees. Contact us for further information.

Horses are not permitted anywhere else in Kuranda or Mowbray national parks, including Twin Bridges track.


Mountain bikes can be ridden on Black Mountain Road, the Bump Track and Twin Bridges track. Permits are required for commercial or organised group activities.

Contact us (National Parks) for further information.

Trail bikes are not allowed on the Twin Bridges or Bump tracks.

Permits and fees

Mountain bikers do not need permits for the Bump Track or Twin Bridges track, except for group or commercial activities. Horse riders intending to access the Bump Track and the Bicentennial National Trail, where it traverses Mowbray National Park, need to obtain a letter of authorisation from the QPWS Regional Manager, valid for a 12 month period. Contact us for further information.


Domestic animals, including dogs, are not allowed in Mowbray or Kuranda national parks. Horses are permitted on the Bump Track and Bicentennial National Trail with a letter of authorisation from the QPWS Regional Manager. See permits and fees for more information.

Access to the Bump Track

To reach the bottom of the Bump Track, head south from Port Douglas along the Captain Cook Highway to Craiglie. Turn right into Mowbray River Road 1.5km south of Craiglie. Turn off Mowbray River Road into Connolly Road and continue for 3.5km to the Bump Track. To reach the top of the Bump Track, follow directions to Black Mountain Road from Julatten, Mossman or Kuranda as above. Motor vehicles, including trail bikes, are not permitted on the Bump Track.