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Flagstaff Hill Walking Trail

Flagstaff Hill Walking Trail is an easily accessible summit that serves as Port Douglas’ ultimate viewing point, providing majestic, sweeping views of the sandy Four Mile Beach below as well as the surrounding mountain and sea panorama. It’s a wonderful cross-section of scenery that sums up what Tropical North Queensland’s environment is all about, with the rainforest-draped landscape contrasting with the beach and ocean to great effect.

Situated just a short distance from the town’s main street, Flagstaff Hill can be walked, driven, or ridden up, whichever option you choose you’ll be treated to the same, incredible views. The rewards at the top are well and truly worth the effort and as the view stretches as far as the eye can see on clear days the scene extends all the way out to Fitzroy Island in the distance.

The lookout is accessed via steps at 4 Mile Beach’s north end, and is both the most beautiful spot in the region from which to take in a sunrise, or to watch a full moon casting its glow over the waters of the Coral Sea. On the return trip down from the lookout, you’ll also be able to see the actual “flagstaff” from which the hill derives its name – an object used to signal ships in years past.


Getting There

  • Walking trail via steps on 4 Mile Beach (north end)
  • Cycling Trail
  • Drive up the hill