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Wildlife Habitat

The iconic and award-winning Wildlife Habitat is Australia’s leading environmental wildlife experience, providing visitors with a chance to observe a huge range of native animals and plant life up close in a spacious interactive setting.

Situated at Port Douglas, Tropical North Queensland, the park is a leader in sustainable eco-tourism. With 5 distinct ecosystems –  Woodlands, Wetlands, Rainforest, Nocturnal and Savannah –  set over 8 acres of land, the natural habitat locations allow for an open and immersive experience allowing guests and wildlife the freedom and space to interact.

Showcasing over 100 Australian species and over 600 individual animals, you can hand feed kangaroos and wallabies, smile at a crocodile, observe living history with a visit to the cassowaries, or catch a glimpse of the rare Lumholtz’s tree-kangaroo.

Dive into the aquatic territory of the mighty Estuarine Crocodile at Wildlife Habitat’s CrocArena. This off-the-scale opportunity to swim with saltwater crocodiles is the only one of its kind in Queensland and allows park visitors to swim eye-to-teeth with these terrifying apex predators and live to tell the tale!

Walk the plank – the predator plank that is!  A balance beam suspended over a billabong of saltwater crocodiles,  join a variety of free guided tours throughout the day or visit the presentation and photo hut to learn about Koalas, pythons, crocodiles and birds. Koala photo and holding opportunities are available, along with birds,  snakes and baby crocs ( all optional extra).




The park offers dining experiences of Breakfast with the Birds or an interactive bird experience in the Curlew Café at 12.30 pm. For something completely different, jump on the WildNIGHT Nocturnal Tour.  A 2-hour guided evening tour by torchlight of reclusive after-dark animals and their escapades. Have the opportunity to see the endangered Mahogany glider, observe our scorpions under UV light and keep feeding various nocturnal animals.   (min and max numbers apply)



Formerly Wildlife Habitat Care Centre, the new non-profit Tropical Animal Rehabilitation Centre (TARC) was established in 2018 with the support of the Walter and Eileen Leder Foundation and The CaPTA group’s Woodward Family. The goal of this facility is to provide the best possible care to displaced, injured, sick or orphaned native Australian wildlife, whilst continuing involvement in conservation programs and research. This facility relies solely on donations for its operation.

TARC and the Wildlife Habitat team respond to many different wildlife callouts–  ranging from the bizarre such as an echidna puggle stuck in an outside bathtub to the sad – having to rescue a pouch joey after a mother’s accidental collision with vehicular traffic.

Animals requiring veterinary treatment are sent for specialist care, as are some particular species with unique individual care needs. Many displaced young chicks and marsupials are raised here on-site and released back into the area they were initially found.

Operating TARC comes at a cost and includes expenses like medications, specialised veterinary treatments, food and medical transport. The centre’s aim is not only to provide these vital services but to continue improving the equipment, skilled staff and medical building to enable us to give the best care possible to our wildlife.

For more information or to DONATE to TARC: sales@wildlifehabitat.com.au

To read more about TARC head to https://www.wildlifehabitat.com.au/tarc/






07 4099 3235


Port Douglas Rd, Port Douglas