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Seabean Tapas Port Douglas

Once upon a time according to legend, Alfonso X, the King of Spain was struck down with a serious illness that meant he could only eat small portions of food (with wine, of course). How terribly tragic.

Others say a more humble beginning for tasty tapas came about when King Alfonso VIII, on a visit to Cádiz, was taking a glass of wine when the wind picked up. A quick-witted barman slipped a sliver of jamon on top of the class to keep the sand out and when the King had finished his drink and chewed his ham, he asked for another. (No-one seems to take into account, though, that the fattiness of the ham would have held on to the sand like the old strips of flypaper to a fly – but that would have spoiled the legend.)

Seabean Tapas Bar has been inspired by such legends and the Spanish bodegas that serve as delicious meeting spots where, no matter what time of the afternoon or evening, you can take a seat at the bar to sip and snack for as long as you want.

Viva la Tapas.

And if you’ve caught a fish, we can prepare and cook it for you.

Bookings recommended.

Opening Hours:
Thursday to Monday 5pm, Sunday from 12pm

Closed Tuesday, Wednesday









(07) 4099 5558



3/28 Wharf St, Port Douglas