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Windswell Kite Surfing and SUP

The ocean, watersports and this special part of Tropical North Queensland is our life.
And we’re stoked to share it with you.

Our aim is to give you the best experiences of Port Douglas and the Great Barrier Reef. We’re thrilled to see you having fun on the water and just knowing we could chip in to a better holiday. And there’s over 100+ five-star Tripadvisor reviews to back it up.

We aim to take you places you haven’t been before. Our private charters are a perfect fit for those trying to get away from the crowds, close families or groups of friends aiming for a day filled with fun & watersports. Make sure you checkout what’s on offer.

We’re here to help and assist budding kiteboarders on their journey from ‘Zero to Hero’. There is no better buzz like watching the progress. And that’s why we love what we do.

Bretto has over 20 years of kiteboarding experience under his belt and has been teaching for over 10. His wealth of knowledge, expertise, patience & enthusiasm will help you get the most out of your lessons, guaranteed.

The passionate Windswell crew offers a range of personalised private lessons and tailor made experiences, including:

We’re thrilled for you to join us for a laid-back, stoke-fuelled experience in our special part of Tropical North Queensland.

Unrivaled Kiteboarding in Far North Queensland

We’re very lucky to have the two World Heritage sites on our doorstep – The Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest – let’s face it, our spot is hard to beat!

Being a remote town right at the top of this Sunshine State, our neck of the woods is a pretty quiet kiteboarding playground. There’s no over tourism issues here, no crowds, no queues, just chilled-out, good vibes and plenty of space to get out and ride.

Windswell is perched at the southern end of the Port Douglas’ iconic Four Mile Beach. Blessed with the views of rainforest clad mountain ranges that hug the Coral Sea, and a wide-open powder-soft sand beach. In addition, we get all-year-round tropical temperatures and pretty consistent south-easterly trade winds. As far as the kiteboarding conditions go, it just can’t get any better.

When the wind is up?

Our kiteboarding season kicks off in April and the wind blows quite reliably until December. Our spot is perfectly positioned for a pretty consistent stream of cross on-shore SE trade winds for most of the year. When the wind is good, the average speeds are a stable 12-18 knots. When the wind is cracking, we get a few ripper days with winds reaching up to 25 knots an over.

Between April and September we usually score a sweet 16-20 kite-able days per month. This is also the ‘dry season’ here in TNQ, offering the most amount of beaming blue-skied days, minimal rainfall and slightly cooler ‘winter’ water temperatures of around 21°C … rashie is good enough, a wetsuit might be overkill.

The trade winds through October to December ease off a tad with an average of about 14 kite-able days in a month. This is also technically the start of our ‘wet season’, although the rain doesn’t generally get going until after Christmas. The hotter air and water temperatures at this time of the year attract a few marine stingers. But that’s just nothing a stinger suit can’t take care of. We provide stinger suits at no extra cost for each of our tours and lessons.

January to March are the hottest months with the lightest wind. Water temperatures hover around 30°C. But good summer breezes are not uncommon at this time of the year, specially when cyclones sit out in the Coral Sea.

Four Mile Beach

Located on Queensland’s premier coastline, the southern part of the Four Mile is the main kite spot in Port Douglas and our permanent teaching ground. There is no other spot better for a morning sunrise beach SUP session, when the water is calm and flat, looking like a mirror. We’re blessed with one awesome wide sandy beach, with tons of launching and landing space and nearly zero obstacles. Don’t mind the perfect line of palm trees in the background.

Think of Four Mile Beach as a ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ of the kiteboarding world. It offers wide range of conditions for all skill levels from total beginners to pros, the lot.

We teach in shallow, uncrowded and reef free part of the kite beach. At low tide, large sand bars appear near the shore. The ocean is now only about knee-deep for the next 30-40 meters. Perfect for your very first kiteboarding lesson practicing kite control. With the wind there comes the swell. High tide brings some light chop and small waves, just perfect for some freestyle tricks.

For the more seasoned riders, we’ve got a smashing downwinder right from our spot going all the way to the northern end of Four Mile Beach. Distance? You guessed it, four miles!








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Locate the WindSwell team at the south end of the main beach, Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas (end of Barrier Street).
Head into the  park right on the beach, one of the best kiting and standup paddle locations in Australia.

We’re open 7 days from 7am-5pm